Jeff A.D. Martin Guest Speaker

Jeff A.D. Martin is a soul-stirring, thought provoking, highly
requested Professional Speaker, who has been using his
platform to inspire people from around the world. Because of
his passion for giving back and serving others, Jeff often stands
in his own vulnerability and shares personal stories of
perseverance and resilience. As a result of his relatability and
willingness to be open, people from around the world have
experienced life changing breakthroughs and discovered
untapped greatness all because of Jeff.

Our Black History Month planning committee has organized a special guest speaker presentation for all SMK students.

Jeff A.D. Martin will present to Grade 9/10 students on Friday, February 19th from 9:00-10:00am. He will present to Grade 11/12 students on Friday, February 26th from 9:00-10:00am.

More about the presenter can be found by clicking on the link to his website: Black History Month Guest Presenter Jeff A.D. Martin

We look forward to Mr. Martin’s presentations as the marquee events for this year’s Black History Month celebrations. Mr. Martin will speak to our students about social justice, Black excellence and empowerment.

More information about other planned Black History Month activities will be shared with the students in the coming days.

We thank our Black History Month planning committee members for all of their hard work.