Year: 2023

CSC Candidates

Due to the number of nominations, we will be holding an election on October 4, 2023 starting at 7pm in the Library Classroom.  Once the 18 members of Council are voted in, the Executive is voted in next from within this group of 18 (Chair or Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer).

Please see below regarding those who are self-nominated or were nominated to represent the ... Continue reading "CSC Candidates"

Truth and Reconciliation – Orange Shirt Day

On Friday, September 29, students and staff will wear orange tops over their uniform pants in order to honour the survivors of residential schools, and those who did not make it home.  Our Truth and Reconciliation Committee has set up a powerful display in our atrium for all of us to pause and remember.

SafeArrival Information: Keeping Our Kids Safe


As we start a new school year, we hope you will take some time to review the SafeArrival information below. 

When your child is sick, we understand that informing their school can be easily forgotten. But when absent students are not reported and office staff are unable to contact their parent/guardian, schools must assume the child is lost ... Continue reading "SafeArrival Information: Keeping Our Kids Safe"