Mustangs Athletic Department provides students with opportunities to get involved in the St. Max community beyond the classroom. There are a variety of extra-curricular teams and clubs to choose from.

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Business & Computer Studies

The Business and Computer teachers at SMK strive to create a learning environment that provides students with the latest trends in business and technology. Our goal is to assist students in becoming life long learners. The SMK business and programming curriculum teaches risk and strategic management, people-oriented philosophies and environmental decision-making. The curriculum has a real world practicality and centers on current events and trends to which the students can relate and are interested in.

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a valuable complement to your academic experiences in high school. Regardless of your post-secondary destination, experiential learning builds insight into the realities of post-secondary careers and educational opportunities. Please refer to the Cooperative Education Website for detailed descriptions of the co-op programs offered at St. Maximilian Kolbe.

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Health & Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education department offers a wide variety of programs for students in grade 9 through to grade 12. We provide a number of courses that are designed to challenge fitness levels as well as engage students interests in sport activities.

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The Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of courses for students in Grade 9 through to Grade 12. The Mathematics Department provides an engaging and diversified classroom environment that encourages and fosters a love and appreciation for mathematics. Mathematics courses are offered in four different pathways to help meet the needs of each student.

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Modern & International Languages Department

The Modern & International Languages Department offers students two programs to meet students’ needs and interests; the French as a Second Language Core Program and the French Immersion Program. Each program offers a variety of engaging courses in Grade 9 through to Grade 12 that encourage spontaneous/real-life interaction. Students will enrich their understanding and appreciation of diverse French-speaking communities and develop the skills necessary for lifelong language learning.

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The Science department offers a wide variety of courses for students in grade 9 through grade 12. The Department offers a wide range of classes in traditional science subjects (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) as well as a range of electives (Environmental Science & Earth/Space Science). All of our courses are designed to challenge growing minds as well as engage students with experiential learning. In a society that is increasingly dependent on scientific knowledge and technology, students need to develop a scientific mindset regardless of their career path. Our teachers are prepared to guide students along their path to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the scientific world.

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Technological Studies

The Technological Studies department offers a wide variety of courses for students in various technological disciplines from grade 9 through to grade 12. We encourage you to check out the many paths you can take in exploring the many technological careers.  We provide a number of courses that are designed to challenge the student while preparing them for the future technological landscape.

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